About Us

Creating beautiful outdoor spaces since 1987

Exceeding Expectations in Designing, Implementing, and Responding to the Needs of our Clients in Beautifying and Enhancing the Enjoyment and Value of their Property

Since its founding in 1987, Olmo Bros. Construction and Landscaping has been committed to the above Mission Statement.  The Company is the pre-eminent landscaping and hardscaping contractor in the Baltimore - Annapolis area responding to the requirements of the residential, homeowner association, and commercial client communities.  As a result of our loyal clients’ confidence in granting us the privilege of maintaining lawns and beautifying their properties; the dedication and expertise of our experienced staff; and the support of our devoted suppliers in meeting our requirements for the highest quality products and services; Olmo Bros. Construction and Landscaping continues to achieve accomplishments ranked in the top 4% of landscaping companies in the Northeast/Midwest regions, and within the top 6% in the United States.*

Consistent with the Company’s Mission Statement, Olmo Bros. Construction and Landscaping provides the commitment, expertise, and follow through to ensure that we not only meet the client’s requirements, but exceed their expectations by ensuring completion within the agreed budget and schedule parameters, and by incorporating unparalleled quality and workmanship standards in the entire process from design through implementation.  Olmo Bros. Construction and Landscaping adheres to the three R’s: Respect for self; Respect for others; and Responsibility for all of our actions. 


All work and client satisfaction is guaranteed.


Olmo Bros. Construction and Landscaping is licensed, MHC 88317, and insured.

*Based upon the results of a survey commissioned by industry leading publication, Lawn & Landscape Magazine.